Optimal Health Programs

Online Personalized Nutritional Therapy Program

Are you ready to start to create some magic and find out what foods are best suited for you.  Let’s get started on building a program that fits your current lifestyle.  Get ready to dive deep into the a new way of reshaping a happier and healthier you!

To get started choose one of the programs below.  Allow a week for prep time and you choose your start date.  All consultations can be from anywhere in the world using video chat, WiFi audio or by phone… whatever is the easiest for you.


30 Day Program
$ 597
  • 30 Day Nutritional Program
  • 2 Nutritional Assessments
  • 1 Antioxidant Assessment
  • 4 Consultations (30min each)
  • Food Recommendations
  • One 7 Day Rotating Meal Plan
  • Online Food Journal
  • Online Symptom Journal
  • Recipes & More!


90 Day Program
$ 1657
  • 90 Day Nutritional Program
  • 4 Nutritional Assessments
  • 2 Antioxidant Assessment
  • 12 Consultations (30min each)
  • Food Recommendations
  • Three 7 Day Rotating Meal Plans
  • Online Food Journal
  • Online Symptom Journal
  • Recipes & More!

Total Revival

180 Day Program
$ 2997
  • 180 Day Nutritional Program
  • 8 Nutritional Assessments
  • 4 Antioxidant Assessment
  • 24 Consultations (30min each)
  • Food Recommendations
  • Six 7 Day Rotating Meal Plans
  • Online Food Journal
  • Online Symptom Journal
  • Recipes & More!

One on One Consultations

Video Chat

No matter where you are in the world we can meet online for a video chat and discuss your nutrition and any questions you may have.

  • WiFi
  • Face to Face
  • Cost Effective

Email & Messeges

Stay in constant touch through emails or using a messenger app.  Great way to stay on track or to get questions answered.

  • Stay Connected
  • Stay On Task
  • Cost Effective

Phone Call

You can choose your consultations by phone either using long distance carrier or internet audio with a preferred app.

  • Phone Carrier
  • Mobile App (Internet Audio)
  • Other Online Options

A Peak Under The Hood

Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment

Interactive online assessment to identify nutritional deficiencies.

  • Relevant Deficiency Symptoms
  • Nutrient Value
  • Assessment Score

Antioxidant Assessment

The Antioxidant Assessment is also interactive and takes you through 3 stages:
  • Symptom Check
  • Toxicity Check
  • Diet Check

Diet Planning Workbook

After the Nutritional Deficiencies Assessment is complete you will then receive a list of recommended foods tailored just for you including macro and micro nutrients.

  • Food Recommendations Macro and Micro 
  • Promoters 
  • Adversaries

7 Day Rotating Meal Plan

Depending on which program you chose, you will receive either one or more 7 day rotating meal plans, a guide and recipes based on your assessments.

  • Easy to Follow Guide
  • Calendar
  • Recipes

My Food & Symptom Journal

To assist with your new journey you can log in to your own portal and keep a journal of your food and progression.

  • Record the Date & Time
  • What Food & Drink Consumed 
  • Measure Physical Changes & Mood

The Key To A Healthy Lifestyle
Is You

Whether it is weight loss or optimal health the same applies to both, our core identity. It is the part of us that makes us who we are, how we view everything that we do, think, feel and act… it is how we define ourselves and our health. It can also be that part of us that can hold us back from making positive changes or fear of the unknown. The good news is we can transform it using the 3 strategies I will share with you: mindset, emotion and nutrition.  Now is your time to take that next step!  Take action now and choose your path.



Ever have the feeling of being stuck, like your just repeating the same day over and over again. Low energy, self conscious and no motivation. I completely understand as I have been there myself and because of this I have developed a unique and progressive approach to make that shift from within. Establishing a mindset is one of the three keys to transformation and learning how to attach the right emotions to mindset is where the magic happens!



Everything we do is based on a emotion. Emotions steer our decisions and take us to a destination.  Changing how you feel emotionally about any challenges in your life, can be like learning how to drive a  manual sports car for the first time.  Every one of us has different emotions and by understanding which ones help set us on the right road is an incredible step towards a new lifestyle change!  Having the right key to start the engine can make all the difference.



Imagine feeling lighter, more energy, stronger and actually enjoying what you are eating. Knowing what nutritional deficiencies you may have and what foods are best suited for you is just the beginning. When you start eating the right foods you will start feeling better and others around you will start seeing the change in you.  When this happens a new found emotion starts to emerge making that connection to all three keys: mindset, emotion & nutrition.